(wrapped URL re-pasting utility)

Do you hate those long wrapped links you often find on Usenet?   Links that you might otherwise follow, but instead you shudder at the thought of re-pasting the link?  Links like this:
849/0cc4e65072ca7ea8882569cb00812067?OpenDocument&sone=ghost_2002_tasks.html &stg=3&prod=Norton%20Ghost&ver=2002%20for%20Windows%202000/NT/Me/98/XP&base= tml&src=sg&pcode=ghost&svy=

It actually goes somewhere, if you paste it all on one line and remove the spaces!   But to re-paste that manually is tedious.  I know, I've spent way too much time doing it.  That's why I created RePasteURL.
Edit:  The referenced link no longer goes anywhere, but it once did!  

What it is:
RePasteURL is a free Windows utility that automates the re-pasting of wrapped URLs into a browser's address bar.  It is written entirely in 'C' using the Win32 API for small size and compiled with the Mingw compiler 2.95.2-1 in Dev-C++ version 4.

How it is used:
RePasteURL is a small invisible program you place in your Startup folder.  To use it, simply copy the wrapped URL to the clipboard while holding down the shift key.   The copy needs to be performed from either the main menu or the context menu, as the addition of the <Shift> prevents <Ctrl> + 'C' and <Ctrl> + <Ins> shortcut key combinations from functioning.  RePasteURL will then attempt to run the command you have copied, after first removing spaces, carriage returns, and linefeeds.  In the case of an URL, it will attempt to open it in the default browser.   Cutting with <Shift> + <Del> will not activate the feature.

How it works:
RePasteURL starts with Windows and registers itself as a clipboard viewer.   Windows then sends the program a message when the contents of the clipboard changes.  When it receives this message, RePasteURL checks to see if the shift key is down.  If it is down, and if text has been copied, RePasteURL copies the text, and removes carriage returns, line feeds, and spaces.  RePasteURL then attempts to run the text as a command using ShellExecute().

What it doesn't do:
It doesn't write anything to the Registry.  It doesn't spy on you.  It doesn't steal your passwords.  It doesn't log your keystrokes.  It doesn't phone home.  It doesn't screw with your mind.  It doesn't attempt to proliferate itself in any way except by being useful. 

Why it's dangerous:
Technically, it may be possible to execute a harmful program if you copy the name of one that is in your path, and you do so while holding the shift key.  But this scenario is highly unlikely.  In fact, RePasteURL takes measures to zero its text buffers and protect against buffer overruns.   If you copy the word notepad while holding down the shift key, it will run Notepad.exe.

What doesn't it cost?
It doesn't cost anything, but it comes with no warranty of any kind.  It is there to use, if you choose, but to do so is entirely at your own risk.  I will not be liable for anything, ever, even if I made a horrible mistake.  If that is not acceptable, or otherwise illegal, do not use it.  You do not have to register, or give your email address.  I don't want it.  I don't need it.

Why should you trust me?
I always say that if you can't trust everybody, then you can't trust anybody.  I could tell you that I'm not evil, but that's exactly what an evil person would say.   Generally, I find that people are either evil, or they are not.  You   need to weigh the convenience against any perceived risk.  If you're totally paranoid and inclined to do so, you can examine the code and/or compile it youself .  Add your own icon, if desired.  It is quite minimal.  Download clipurl.c.

Where do I get it?
Download repasteurl.exe (6 KB).  Place a shortcut to it, or even the program itself, in your Startup folder.  You can start it manually the first time to avoid restarting Windows.  It will close automatically with Windows.  To manually close RePasteURL, you would need to press <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Del> and in the "Processes" tab, highlight the "Repasteurl.exe" entry, and click the "End Process" button.  .

Install it and forget about it until you need it.  Then smile so imperceptibly as you use it.  I hope you like it!

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